Manufacturing Facilities & Resources

The company has a total fabrication area of 220,000 square feet and an office area of 10,000 square feet. The total covered area is approximately 120000 square feet in 6 bays. The production areas are served by a total of 20 overhead traveling cranes and 5 ground support vehicles for material handling. Dedicated and covered bays for blasting and painting facility ensures that the surface preparation and coating be done in a relatively controlled environment. The company invested heavily in equipment for various purposes such as dish-end forming, rolling, welding, examination and testing, machining and cutting machine, surface treatment and protection, post weld heat treatment etc. to become self-sufficient, except for the untypical requirements.

At any time, the company employs more than 160 employees of various disciplines, from technical engineering, project management, production control and operatives, quality controls inspectors, skilled fitters, code qualified welders, painters etc. to churn out approximately 2000 tons of products annually.

Head Forming Machine

Overhead Crane

Shell Rolling Machine

PWHT Furnace

Blasting & Paintine Yard

Mobile Crane

Overlay Welding Machine